ORTC API – Editors Draft Update

ORTC - Object RTC

Current editor’s draft of the ORTC API has been published: http://ortc.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/ortc.html

The next ORTC CG meeting is scheduled for April 17, 2014 at 10am Pacific. For more information on the W3C ORTC Community Group meeting you will need to join the Community Group here.



We have officially changed the name and URLs for the ORTC CG (formally ORCA CG).

The old URLs will be redirected to the new ORTC CG: http://www.w3.org/community/ortc/

If you are an existing member of the ORCA CG please register at the new ORTC CG, or if you wish to become a member please register here.

Here is the notice that went out to existing members…

Hello ORCA Community Group members.

We are changing the CG name from ORCA to ORTC as requested by some of our members and other W3C members for various reasons discussed in that last CG meeting. Minutes can be found here: http://ortc.org/ortc-cg-meetings/

After discussing this with the W3C we had the choice to a.) change the name to ORTC but keep the current ORCA URI or b.) set up an entirely new CG. Since we didn’t want any confusion (ORTC CG name with a ORCA URI) we opted for the second option.

We have been told that a second legal review should not be necessary by your sponsoring organization since the new CG is simply replacing the existing CG.

Here is what that means to you as a member of ORCA:

  • You will need to join the new CG: http://www.w3.org/community/ortc/
  • You will need to join the public mail list.
  • Signups for the ORCA group will soon be suspended
  • Emails sent to the ORCA mail lists will not go through, you will need to use the new lists for new postings. Emails sent to the orca lists will return a message pointing to the new lists at ORTC CG.
  • ORCA mail lists will live on and will be referenced for historical purposes.
  • All Community Groups fall under the guidelines in the W3C Community Contributor License Agreement (CLA), so nothing changes there.

Soon we hope to publish a Public Working Draft of the API so that we can start implementing the API.  Some of that work has already begun:https://github.com/openpeer/ortc-lib

If you have any questions about the name change please forward those to erik@hookflash.com

Thank you all for you continued support!

W3C & IETF | WebRTC – Joint Face to Face Meeting

There might be a joint IETF/W3C WebRTC F2F meeting in May, somewhere on the North American East Coast.

From the W3C Chairs…


There has been some feedback on the dates. We propose to shift the
potential f2f meeting one day earlier to reduce the overlap with a 3GPP

The proposed dates for the meeting is therefore 19-21 of May (Mon-Wed).

Stefan for the chairs

On 2014-01-29 09:20, Stefan Håkansson LK wrote:
> Hi all – and sorry for cross-posting!
> The chairs of the WebRTC WG (and the Media Capture TF) and the chairs of
> the IETF rtcweb WG are considering an joint f2f meeting. The dates we
> chairs have arrived on as feasible are May 20-22 (Tue-Thu). We are
> considering to split up the time between W3C and IETF across all three
> days. We have not yet discussed how to split the W3C time between WebRTC
> and the Media Capture TF at all yet (and perhaps we end up in focusing
> on the WebRTC WG since that part would probably benefit most from a
> joint meeting with the IETF rtcweb WG).
> The message at this stage is: please take note of these dates in your
> calendar now.
> The target region for this interim would be East Coast of North America,
> but we have at this stage no host or set location. If you are willing to
> host, please contact the chairs.
> We haven’t decided on this f2f meeting yet, and appreciate your input
> into holding one. The goals of the meeting would be to advanced the
> state of the core documents we need to finish up.
> Stefan for the chairs

IETF 89 | RTCWEB – Draft Agenda

The next IETF meeting will be held in London, England

March 2-7, 2014

Meeting Venue:
Hilton London Metropole
225 Edgware Road
London, UK W2 1JU
Tel: +44 207 402 4141

Here is the draft agenda for RTCWEB as sent from the Working Group chairs today…


Here is very rough draft of what we currently have on the agenda.

Note that the first hour of wed conflicts with some transport stuff.

Thanks, the chairs


Draft Agenda Version 1

Tuesday 9 -11:30

Chair Admin: (chairs) – 10 min

Data Channel: (who ???) – 80 min
<Need Open Issues Here>

Transports – Harald – 45 min
- The appropriate form of the reference to draft-dhesikan
- MUST, SHOULD or MAY on TURN TCP candidates
- MUST, SHOULD or MAY on ICE TCP candidates
- Whether this draft should have normative references on anything SDP-related (which, conceptually, are above the transport level).

Stun/DTLS heartbeat discussion: Dan Wing – 15 min

Wed 9-11:30

Chair Admin: (chairs) – 5 min

JSEP: Justin – 90 min

Update from RMCAT – RMCAT Chairs – 10 min

Sec / Sec Arch: Eric Rescorla – 30 min

RTP usage: Colin -15 min
- Prepared for WG Last Call – Issues with latest changes?

NAT-Firewall: Still trying to resolve what parts of this are in this WG –  Andy  ( ?? minutes)

The first ORCA CG meeting!

ORTC - Object RTC

Here are the ORCA Community Group meeting details for our very first CG meeting.

Time: Thursday, February 20, 2014 10am Pacific (UTC−08:00)

Location: Hangouts

• Introduction to the CG
• Quick review of progress to date
• Overview of meeting objectives
- Existing proposals review
- New proposals & review
- API discussion
• Closing remarks
• Action items

NOTE: If you are on the public mail list but have not yet joined the Community Group but would like to attend the meeting you may certainly do so. However, if you are planning on making a contribution you will need to join the CG and make those contributions on the mail list.

Here is the link to the current CG participants and a link to join:

Looking forward to seeing you!

WebRTC, ORTC and OTT Comm

Too many phones!

There’s a lot of noise and plenty of dust getting kicked up around WebRTC these days. Every hour it seems there is another company announcing support for WebRTC or have built an app that uses the technology. In many cases it’s an extension to the existing offer, where WebRTC is leveraged as a web-based SIP softphone for instance.

For the love of Pete, does the world need yet another phone?

What does excite me is when I start thinking about the effects that WebRTC and ORTC will have on rich media OTT (Over The Top) communications moving forward.

If we look at the success of apps like Whatsapp, Tango, Viber, Voxer, Facebook Messenger etc etc these are all OTT applications that have already won in mobile communications. Placing a phone call, is nearly the last thing a teen or twenty-something user is looking to do with their phone. Just by pure observation, we can see this demographic using mobiles devices for messaging and now video chat more and more. Btw, this is the generation that will be leading our Enterprise companies in the not so distant future.

We know this, but we still insist on integrating old tech that does not seem to be accelerating in growth. Why? To answer my own question, “because lots of us continue to buy VoIP phones and SIP PBXs for our business”. And to that I say, good for you! But that is not the real opportunity for those developers who embrace WebRTC and ORTC.

WebRTC & ORTC will allow us to push the envelope and do things we can’t do today. And to do things we can do today but in a much more efficient and enjoyable manner.  Maybe RTC will find its way into social news, citizen journalism, or maybe media rich banking, healthcare and CRM apps, in your TV, mobile devices, browsers et al. The possibilities are nearly endless but one thing is quite clear, it’s not going to happen unless we change our current approach.

In order for WebRTC to win, in mobile, web and server-side. We will need a JavaScript friendly object model, not an Offer/Answer model based on telecom of old.  Even if you don’t share the same opinion, you owe it to yourself to take a look at what’s happening in the W3C ORCA Community Group.  For me, (and a bunch of others) there lies the future of WebRTC.



For disclosure purposes, I am a co-author on the ORTC API and a co-founder at Hookflash .


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